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    We already publish information about our products on the Medicines Agency web site for our country, why shall we also publish on myHealthbox ?

    Medicine agencies are mainly concerned with making available the same information that is already printed in the packaging through their web site, documents are in pdf or word format and not optimized for readability on mobile devices. They lack support for any branding and multimedia types. Our platform combined with the new eLeaflet format on the other hand prioritize fruition of information on any device, branding support, support for multimedia types and digital services (social pages for example or electronic contact forms) and accessibility from search engines. Medicine agencies only provide information on medicines (prescription or otc), there are products falling in the herbal, veterinary, supplements, medical devices categories that are not present and lack a platform distributing quality information on the internet.

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    We have implemented your eLeaflet solution for a product, can we now remove the paper leaflet from the packaging ?

    Depends on local regulations and the type of product. In most countries prescription and OTC products still require a paper leaflet to be provided inside the packaging, some types of medical devices can now remove the paper or at least reduce the amount of information provided (see next question), for other herbal, omeopatic or supplements products local regulations would apply. Please contact our Customer Service with your specific needs so that we can advise you on country-specific requirements and regulations.

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    Is your solution compliant to “COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 207/2012 of 9 March 2012 on electronic instructions for use of medical devices” ?

    The short answer is: yes. In fact we exceed the requirements as set by the 207/2012 directive.

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    How do you provide information in so many languages ? Do you translate the documents ?

    Our web and mobile applications are translated in over 36 languages. We do not provide automatic translations for documents, when documents are available in more languages these have been translated by the producer. We do provide a translation service for our eLeaflet Premium package.

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    I already put my products information on my website, why shall I make them available on myHealthbox as well ?

    Most of our customers also have product information on their websites or available on one or more eCommerce sites that sell their products. There is no contraindication in having this information available in more places but there are a number of clear advantages in having this information available on myHealthbox:
    reach: thousands of people and healthcare professionals access our site every day to look for information, we currently have over 2 million registered products with information targeted at the general public and professional users
    standardization: we have standardized healthcare products information into a new digital format called eLeaflet (much like the iBook for books and magazines) to make sure we make the most of new multimedia technologies and digital services
    SEO: due to our size and reputation companies that put their product on myHealthbox see an increase in their search engine “visibility” (in most cases between 20 and 40 per cent increase)
    accessibility: over 30% of our accesses come from mobile devices, we make sure that users have the best possible experience on any device ease of update: most updates are carried out through the client reserved area (self-service mode) or by our customer service. Updated information is usually available to users worldwide in less than than 24 hours.

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    We found a mistake in one of our documents/eLeaflet, can we modify it ? How long it will take for our customers to see the update ?

    You can modify the product information at any time through your self-service area on our website; changes to the eLeaflet require a valid subscription is in place. Changes are propagated and available to myHealthbox users worldwide in less than 24 hours.

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    What happens if I do not renew the yearly subscription for a product ?

    The product information will still be available on myHealthbox and you will be able to modify it but you will be able to modify an eLeaflet only if a valid subscription is in place for that product.

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    How do I make changes to product information like name, dosage, active ingredients etc.. ?

    Login in to your company self-service area, select the product and edit the information. Like any other changes they will have to be reviewed and approved before they can go online.

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    How do I make changes to product eLeaflet ?

    Send an email to our customer service or fill in a request form on our website, we will then contact you to carry our and test the changes.

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    Can a company create more than one account ?

    Yes, of course, each account has a number of products assigned to so there may be different people within the same organization each with its own account. For example a product manager may be responsible for some products while another has a different set of products to work with, each may use myHealthbox for their assigned products.

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    How is the eLeaflet related to myHealthbox ?

    Both are products/services of Youbiquitus Mobile. myHealthbox is a content distribution platform accessed by thousands of customers, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals everyday over the web or via one of the dedicated mobile applications. The eLeaflet web site is designed specifically for companies that want to make information about their products available through myHealthbox.

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    Is the eLeaflet a direct marketing or advertising tool ?

    No and yes, digital marketing is changing rapidly, nearly as fast as it is growing, the traditional banner-based advertising is slowly being replaced by other strategies. The future of digital marketing is going more and more in the direction of "Content marketing" where the priority is to provide quality information and useful answers to the users' questions. In this respect the eLeaflet solution is definitely a Content marketing solution where priority is given to content quality which is particularly important in the healthcare area.

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