Changing digital communication in healthcare

The eLeaflet is a new digital information leaflet format developed specifically for the healthcare. From the simplest implementation that uses the digital version of the paper leaflet commonly found in the packaging of most healthcare products is has evolved into a full featured digital leaflet that enables a range of functionalities that are simply impossible to implement in a paper product. The eLeaflet has been developed according to the needs of users, patients and professionals in order to improve information quality and access and, consequently, make the products safer to use for everyone. The eLeaflet is therefore richer in content, more informative and useful of a traditional paper leaflet while being at the same time extremely easy to use.


Optimized for web and mobile

Our web-based eLeaflet format has been optimized for the requirements of healthcare companies, helathcare professionals and general users. Access information from web browsers on any device or use our myHealthbox Mobile app on smartphones and tablets. Dynamic text reflow, font resize, media and screen size optimization guarantee optimal readability and information access on any platform.

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Deliver information and services in over 35 languages

Our out-of-the-box multi-language features can help you provide information to ethnic minorities in their native language or build advanced service to international travellers. Also exports and product launch in new markets can greatly benefit from out multi-language solution.

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Images, sound, video

Forget paper and small text, add resizeable text, slideshows, sound and video to help your customers understand and use your products better. Media automatically resize for the target platform so that your customers get the full experience regardless of the device.

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Logos, color, fonts, package picture

No more black and white paper leaflets, add full color, logos and all branding elements to your digital packaging. Make sure your customers recognise your brand and keep it on their smartphones wherever they go.

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Link to your eCommerce site

Link to any eCommerce site to take users from "reading information" to "buying" in just 1 click. Tracking and analytics is also fully supported so you know the who, when and how. With easy updates you can also change your target eCommerce site at any time to pick the one that gives you the best revenue share.

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Educational content, faq, dosage helpers

Pharmacies map, customer surveys, dosage helpers are just some of the digital services that the eLeaflet format can support. And if you need something custom designed we would be happy to enable this for you with our eLeaflet Plus plan.

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Adverse Reaction, surveys, dosage calculators

Pharmacies maps, patient feedback surveys, dosage calculators, therapeutic adherence and digital adverse reactions forms are just some of the digital services that the eLeaflet format can support. If you need something tailor designed for your products we would be happy to enable this for you with our eLeaflet Plus plan.

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List and reference other products from the same producer

Products and services up-sell and crodd-sell has never been so easy, reference all your products to help users navigate your whole products lineup. List discounts or special initiatives and promotions. Show market availability and testimonials.

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Digital signature and content check

An innovative digital signature and real-time content verification system means you can guarantee patients, doctors and all your customers get up-to-date, reliable information wherever they are. These extra security features are available with the eLeaflet Plus plan.

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Recommend a product

Digital leaflets go social: enable our social recommendation engine to share information and product recommendations through all your social channels.

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How do users discover your eLeaflet?

Users (general public and professionals) can find the eLeaflets for your products in a number of ways: the myHealthbox search engine, third parties (sites and mobile applications) that work with us and get access to our high quality data through our web APIS or through one of our supported content-discovery solutions that integrate directly into the physical packaging based on the use of QR-codes or Augmented reality.

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