Check you are entitled to register to myHealthbox on behalf of your company, in order to get access to our platform and start publishing information about your products you need to be entitled to do so, in most cases product, marketing or regulatory managers are the ones registering to myHealthbox and managing the company account(s).


Fill in the registration form, you will need to indicate a company email account that we can authorize, if for some reasons you do not have one we will need to ask you for some other proof (i.e. a referral email) that you are working for the specific company and are authorized to manage information about their products (this is usually the case where external agencies manage regulatory or communication activities on behalf of a company).


Wait for your account to be approved (you will receive an approval email), during the approval process we may ask you for further information. We will also check that once inside our platform you have access to all your products.


Start editing information and loading leaflets. Depending on the access plan you chose you will be able to upload pdf files or will be working with our customer service in the design of our standard or custom eLeaflets.


Wait for your information to be approved. Any changes you make to your products or files you upload will be checked by our Customer Service to make sure they comply with our information quality standards. You may find that some changes are not approved immediately so we may decide for some further changes to be carried out. All this information will be available in your account, any approved or rejected edits will be clearly indicated.


Upgrade to our eLeaflet service for any or all of your products: you can upgrade at any time for any product you want. Once you buy an eLeaflet it usually takes between 1 and 3 working days for it to be ready for approval and then distribution.

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