Digital Leaflets for the Healthcare

While 60% of adults look for information about health topics on the web 9 out of 10 healthcare companies do not control what data is available online about their products.

We provide access to official, up-to-date, high quality data that you approve and your customers can trust, myHealthbox helps your customers access the best information on any device.

Digital information leaflets are today the most innovative means of bringing high quality, reliable information to patients, customers and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Pharma companies, medicines agencies and regulatory offices can use it to deliver top quality data to users worldwide.

Our eLeaflet™ format supports the most innovative digital services for the healthcare: multimedia, multiplatform, digital adverse reactions forms, dosage forms, maps and a lot more.

Healthcare marketing managers can easily enable these services for their products through our web platform.

myHealthbox's international reach means that whether you compete locally, or on a global scale, we can confidently distribute healthcare digital content for your region. Covering over 50 countries and 36 languages myHealthbox is the best solution for companies worldwide.

The eLeaflet™ solution by myHealthbox is the top choice for any company producing or commercializing products for human, animal or plants healthcare.

Pharma companies

myHealthbox gives pharmaceutical companies a complete solution to distribute official, quality content to their patients and to healthcare professionals.

Healthcare companies

Whether you produce or sell products for human, animal or plants healthcare we have the solution to dramatically improve the quality of the information that patients and professionals get access to while at the same time improving your brand and product visibility on all digital channels.

Product managers

Improve your brand and product presence through myHealthbox then move to the eLeaflet format to get the best in multimedia and in digital content innovation.

Medical devices companies

Thanks to new European regulations most medical devices can now be sold without a paper leaflet in the packaging, myHealthbox can help you enter the digital leaflets world providing the best information to your customers on any device while complying with current and future legislation.

Regulatory managers

New regulations are extending the use of digital information leaflets to the healthcare, take advantage of these new opportunities to better serve patients and healthcare professionals.

National medicines agencies

Most regulatory agencies, especially in Asia and Africa, struggle to provide and maintain a medicines information service that can be consulted from the general public and healthcare professionals. myHealthbox can help you provide an innovative, fully compliant, high quality service to all your users.

Did you know that over 90% of healthcare companies do not know what data is available online about their products ?

myHealthbox can keep you from being one of them.
We provide access to official, uptodate,high quality data that you approve and your customers can trust. myHealthbox helps your customers access the best information on any device.

Transform healthcare products leaflets into valuable tools for
patients, consumers and companies

  • Readable fonts
  • Navigation
  • Easy linking
  • Pictures and videos
  • Readable on any device
  • Patient helper forms
  • Professionals helper forms
  • Verified, secure format
  • Ecommerce links
  • Social recommendations
  • Products Upsell
  • Increased search engine visibility
  • Sponsored accounts for healthcare professionals
  • Trusted platform
  • Web and mobile
  • Improve consumers confidence
  • Exclusive digital services
  • Compliant to existing legislation

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